Relationships Matter Podcast with Josh Powell and Chanel Scott
Relationships Matter Podcast with Josh Powell and Chanel Scott

Unlocking the secrets of successful relationships,
one conversation at a time

Josh Powell and Chanel N. Scott are the brilliant minds behind the captivating Relationships Matter podcast. With their unique blend of expertise and experience, this dynamic duo is reshaping the way we think about relationships. 

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Meet the Creators

Relationships Matter

Josh Powell quote, "We live in a ay where we can log onto social media, we scroll all day long and look at all the things that look good to us and want it, but ask yourself a question... Will this person add value? Are they going in the ame direction as I am? Do we have the same morals and values? Will this person be in it for the right reasons? Alignment is key."

Josh Powell

Josh Powell, a former NBA player, brings his years of professional sports experience, discipline, and teamwork mentality to the table. His remarkable journey has taught him the importance of effective communication, trust, and perseverance in both personal and professional relationships. 

Josh’s insights offer a fresh perspective on how to navigate challenges and build strong, lasting connections. 

Chanel N. Scott

Chanel N. Scott, a respected thought leader on relationships, brings her expertise as a social worker to the forefront. 

With her deep understanding of human behavior and emotional intelligence, Chanel offers valuable guidance on navigating the complexities of modern relationships. Her thought-provoking insights and practical advice are sure to inspire personal growth and foster healthier connections. 

Quote by Chanel Scott that reads, "If a person doesn't see your value and your ability to add value to their life, it will reflect in the way they treat you and give you some idea of the direction of that relationship."

Together, Josh and Chanel have created a podcast that explores the multifaceted nature of relationships in our fast-paced world.

From friendships and family dynamics to romantic partnerships and self-discovery, Relationships Matter covers it all. 

Through engaging conversations and thought-provoking interviews, they provide practical advice and actionable strategies to help listeners cultivate meaningful connections. 

The Relationships Matter podcast has gained recognition on In The Black Network, captivating audiences with its insightful discussions and relatable content. 

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Join the growing community of listeners who have embraced Relationships Matter as their go-to resource for improving relationships. 

Josh and Chanel’s wisdom, combined with their guests’ expertise, will inspire you to create stronger bonds, enhance communication, and foster personal growth. 

Don’t miss out on the transformative power of Relationships Matter. 

Tune in today and embark on a journey towards building healthier, more fulfilling connections.

What I Wish I Knew book by Josh Powell

Josh Powell

What I Wish I Knew

My relationship journey has had many ups and downs.

I’ve had a marriage that ended in divorce, intimate relationships that led to my having children by multiple women, exchanges with friends that left me feeling drained and confused, and business partnerships that resulted in gridlock.

When I consider my relationships with family and friends, I’ve come to realize that sometimes those who are closest to you can hurt you the most….

Chanel N. Scott

Relationships Matter

My life as a single woman had been negatively impacted by an unusual amount of rejection. 

The social rejection I endured in those failed relationships led to anger, anxiety, depression, sadness, and even jealousy….

“My vision for this book is to help purpose-driven men and women progressively elevate their love life to a level of trust, intimacy, and vulnerability that deeply nurtures the shared romantic connection.”

Relationships Matter book by Chanel Scott

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Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Relationships,
One Conversation at a Time.